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Hello, I was simply cleaning out my husbands g-maaˆ™s old canning area inside her basement

Hello, I was simply cleaning out my husbands g-maaˆ™s old canning area inside her basement

But, the thing I need truly gathered over time form great containers during my range is a thing much more intrinsically valuable, namely the many big people who befriended me personally, instructed myself, reasoned, bantered with me, exchanged with me, sold containers to me, and discussed their lives. Regarding i will be certainly grateful. I can seriously claim that collecting Ball containers might probably the most rewarding activities in my lives then one i shall never ever be sorry for starting assuming that We live.

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  1. Tiffany States:

We had encountered a huge selection of canning containers. Better we had located several outdated QT aqua or light-blue baseball containers. One found has black specks and bubbles during the actual cup. Another container 1896-1910 the signature BALL(3L’s) is actually barely embossed u cant view it at a distance unlike the others and a lot of of its smooth but you can nonetheless inform what it is. Additionally on another Ive not witnessed on BALL(3L’s) the B Is all linked cursive( the bottom of the B connects using the top and through) and real fancy like and a period on the reverse side after 1858. Could kupony wellhello these come to be enthusiast containers? I do not learn whether or not to save or offer. Thanks.

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i have a really large container about 4 gallon in proportions embosed eagle holding olive branch and arrows with 7 stars around eagle opposite side keeps masons next an embosed star patatend november 30 1858 crakled finish embosed on bottom i beleve that it is produced in 1976 my question for you is what would such a big container be used for and that can you let me know where to find the correct screw on top for this and achieved it posses a carrying handle across the throat if that’s the case I want that too we beleve it to own an advantages between 40 and 80 cash be sure to correct me if it is actually wrong any assistance might possibly be apprieciated

I’m a collector of golf ball containers and that I aˆ?thinkaˆ? that We have some uncommon types from my personal suppress purchasing, storage profit, etc… how do you learn more about all of them. I must say I do not need part with all of them but I would like to be aware of the well worth of these. You will find searched online and get not prevailed. Kindly services !

I’ve bought a house lately and after cleaning up the basement I have discovered about 30 various canning jars. Additionally some cartons with jar rubbers and covers. Generally golf ball, some Kerr, Atlas and a McDonald. The majority are windows covers with cable fastners. In addition has 4 of the identical 1/2 gallon basketball jugs your individual (article 25) enjoys. Just interested if I can submit some pics to ascertain benefits and/or when someone is interested in purchase them?

I’ve stumble on some baseball perfect mason jars which all have figures on the bottom for the container,as an enthusiast of outdated jars could you tell me just what worth of are usually? Many thanks

you will find a mason jar with a photo of a skleton key about it . with yellow print throughout the trick . and below it says mason. im searching for just what seasons it had been manufactured in .

I have run into a number of containers that have the metal bale in it and generally are indexed because aˆ?Ball Idealaˆ?….if you could promote me some information as to the value of these containers. Thank-you, Elana Dalley

I have over 3 dozen older containers such as Ball, Mason,and some other manufacturer, are all wire shutting with glass lids . Nevertheless There isn’t the rubberized gaskets. Most are blue in color the majority are obvious. Can somebody assist me locate gaskets I would additionally will discover benefits these.

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