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13 Women Describe Exactly What Her Boyfrienda€™s Semen Tastes Like

13 Women Describe Exactly What Her Boyfrienda€™s Semen Tastes Like

1. Fresh oysters

a€?I gawked some the first occasion I attempted it. It reminded me personally in regards to the taste and experience of raw oysters, a little more watery. Addititionally there is the pervasive flavor of sodium, that we truly have always been maybe not attracted to. I’m not sure precisely why it’s so important to men you swallow, but every one of those seems to appreciate it once you perform. I suppose they turns them in.a€? – Kathryn, 26

2. past pennies

a€?Every guy generally seems to taste different. Occasionally really bitter, rest were sweeter sampling. But most of times there’s always this constant aftertaste of cents during my throat. Like really older cents with an acidic taste to they. Nevertheless kinda get used to it.a€? – Amanda, 20

3. Creamy chlorine cleanser

a€?My people’s semen has the scent of cleansing items utilized for bleaching. I would state it tastes like a creamy chlorine facial cleanser with a bleachy tastes. Also it always renders this actually embarrassing flavor at the back of my neck. No wonder why most women dislike they. Semen is one thing which is not worth flavored, if you don’t really like the guy.a€? – Cassandra, 31

4. Black truffle

a€?Actually, Really don’t notice the flavor of it. It isn’t that I favor they, but i will live with they. It’s just like a thick liquid with a salty preferences to they. They for some reason tastes like dark truffle.a€? – Kirstie, 39

5. Balloons

a€?Do your understand that flavor you had when you chewed on a balloon as a kid? That is precisely how my personal boyfriend’s semen tastes like, just a large amount saltier. I guess it’s not that bad after all. It may not be for everyone, but you’ll can’t say for sure until you attempt.a€? – Sophia, 20

6. Salty mushrooms

a€?My sweetheart’s jizz enjoys an acidic and bitter preferences oftentimes. I usually get the feeling i’ve some salty and extremely heavy water in my own mouth area that has a distinct season of mushrooms. It really is nothing beats I’ve ever before tasted before, plus the surface normally really distinctive.a€? – Marsha, 22

7. Salty seawater

a€?During my personal time in college or university I offered lots of mind, and so I learn directly that tastes somewhat vary. It is not only that every mans semen tastes various, and your preferences of 1 guy can vary highly. It depends on which they drink or eat. But if I’d to pin it right down to one common denominator, I’d state it constantly tastes like salty seawater. Often it’s truly viscous and burns only a little in the rear of my throat. Other times its slightly nice rather than anyway thicker, yet watery.a€? – Helena, 27

8. Detergent

a€?Well, i mightn’t state semen tastes delicious or everything, but it is okay-ish. Sometimes it makes me personally feeling icky, since it have this soapy off-taste to they. Simultaneously, it isn’t really entirely repulsive sometimes. Many men enjoy it when a female swallows, so I just do it and get on. And who claims that support is not returned?a€? – Sandra, 21

9. Slimy share liquid

a€?It’s like slimy swimming pool liquid. The taste of semen can be really salty, with a small flavor of chlorine mixed with bitter fruit. I guess it is because of style of chlorine so it produces me believe I have slimy pool h2o during my mouth. Some say it isn’t really harmful to you, but i favor to spit it out.a€? – Eve, 25

10. Tasteless jibber

a€?Usually, there is no preferences after all. What i’m saying is its only a little salty, a little bitter and often somewhat sweet, but there’s not much of a distinct taste. Like boring jibber. If a female does not appreciate ingesting, she can simply bring their man grab and are available everywhere the lady. Another wise decision is to get the man you’re seeing a swallow of his very own if he or she is truly obsessed with the thought of your ingesting.a€? – Tasha, 22

11. Salty goo

a€?i am convinced there are several chemical compounds during my partner’s semen that get me actually aroused. Its like an aphrodisiac in my opinion. I recently love every facet of it, the warmth, the initial style, actually every thing, perhaps the scent. We even see swallowing his sperm. Males bring a truly thick seminal fluid, rest are more watery. Several really did actually explode whenever they arrived, others only dribbled.a€? – Victoria, 43

12. Bad bitter ointment

a€?My husband’s jizz tastes truly terrible. Like bad solution that has gone poor. Moreover it possess this really embarrassing smell to they. The people before your got a reasonable style, unfortunately my people hasn’t. If only i really could convince your adjust his nutrients. But I do not imagine this may actually result, thus press this link here now I merely go without dental sex.a€? – Jennifer, 37

13. Hair Care

a€?Personally, i truly don’t take a liking to the whole feel to it. They somehow tastes like salty hair care, unlike something i have actually ever tasted. Its feel is indeed awkward and slimy that I really avoid it very much like i will. My boyfriend doesn’t have problem with making use of a condom for a blow work. Lucky me, I guess.a€? – Kathleen, 20

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