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Miyabi certainly admitted the girl love over this lady sister’s objections

Miyabi certainly admitted the girl love over this lady sister’s objections

Lunatic Labyrinth finished, the brand new brothers was in fact aside already and also the siblings was losing Burning Icicle towards group regarding the sky

It made him bear in mind his darkest thoughts, of being abandoned by the their mom within orphanage. A vocals first started thinking him and his awesome purpose to battle. He had been reminded off his sad and you will lonely life because the good man, but then recalled the fresh voices out of his family and friends and you can clicked regarding you to ebony think and freed themselves regarding the spell. Mio is seeking safeguard them however, the woman secret wasn’t extremely energetic. Kazuki woke up-and throw Storm Fort to eliminate the fresh new possibilities. Miyabi are impressed by the how quickly he’d woken right up. She advised your the brand new blade you to appeared in his hands is his reward having conquering their upheaval. The fresh siblings cast their Union Miracle but Kazuki cleaved the latest arriving assault in 2 using this type of blade. The audience cheered and Miyabi was stunned and amazed. She got and quickly surrendered more than the girl sister’s objections; they had no way to earn any further.

The woman sister in addition to twin brothers question as to why she surrendered such as for instance you to definitely but she failed to bring any obvious answers. However, Kazuki got viewed thanks to their true aim. She accepted she are investigations your with his worthiness since an effective chief. Miyabi quickly kissed Kazuki on the cheek, shocking everyone else, most of all this lady cousin. It actually was revealed that her brother refused to acknowledge her due to the fact a keen Elf. The woman attention would not take on reality and you can she wouldn’t waste time with anybody but Miyabi. However, this fact and conserved Miyabi on loneliness most other Elves knowledgeable. She suggested you to definitely Kazuki is to mastered her or him one another. Leme implicated Gremory regarding dripping information on their energy. It was actually some other sample away from their worthiness he had passed, and you may Leme was also impressed along with his efficiency. Sure-enough the most unsafe people obtained the following meets and you can evolved into finals.

Sure enough the most risky people won another meets and you may evolved with the finals. Kazuki try called towards the Headmaster’s workplace; the outcome of investigation was basically inside. The latest Knight Order found that many of the tournament’s professionals got already been brainwashed together with already been remaining no thoughts of the actions. In addition, it featured that brainwashing was also as to why they had all of the inserted new tournament before everything else. The choices was unusual adequate to attract the attention from their friends. It seems these types of female had been among those who have been assaulted by you to mystical shape over the past weeks and you may were brainwashed whenever you are lower than Miracle Intoxication. They’d as well as examined the background regarding Karin and you can Hayashi, who had not become arrested while the Kazuki’s word alone was not enough evidence. Karin’s dad try an officer slain throughout the distinctive line of responsibility because of the Illegal Magicians in the exhaustion of Tokyo. She was followed because of the Hayashi members of the family after is an enthusiastic orphan. The brand new Germans got advised Kazuki Hayashi are a favorite broker, so her label try most likely bogus. The past match might be their last chance to assassinate Kazuki. They might become supposed overboard and presenting the correct shade.

Nevertheless actual competition is resistant to the group however face in the finals

When Kazuki had domestic most of the residents of the property was basically using housemaid gowns, having waiting a party so you can enjoy your getting into new finals. It insisted toward performing the cleaning up until the finals. Leme listed that he got in the long run beaten all female during the our home. Hikaru and you can Lotte recommended him when deciding to take payback to them into the the last fits because they seated down to eat. Leme try pleased to keep in mind that Kazuki had adopted a viewpoint nearly the same as compared to King Solomon himself.

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