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N. specialized Committee for De-Colonization, after many classes, provided the report and resolutions regarding Puerto Rico

N. specialized Committee for De-Colonization, after many classes, provided the report and resolutions regarding Puerto Rico

1. Reaffirms the inalienable correct of Puerto Rico to self-determination and independence, according to standard Assembly-resolution 15H (XV) of 14 December, 1960.

2. demands the federal government of this usa to avoid taking any methods which might obstruct the entire and cost-free physical exercise of the people of their unique inalienable right to self-determination and flexibility, and of the financial, personal and various other rights, and, dabble recenzГ­ particularly, to prevent any violation among these legal rights by systems business under its legislation.

The report in addition claimed that U.N. Secretariat would assist collect all pertinent information, like a?the vista of the many parties concerneda? for the intended purpose of facilitating the factor of this matter in 1974; and that the panel would a?keep practical question under steady overview.a?

The folks of the world, more than anything else we, individuals on the U.S., must applaud this decision of this De-Colonization Committee, which needs the U.S. regard the right of self-determination. The report puts the question associated with the colonial standing of Puerto Rico on U.N. agenda and therefore throws it before the peoples of the globe in terms of getting out information regarding Puerto Rico’s traditional battle for national liberation.

But likewise, we should recognize that the nationwide liberation of Puerto Rico will not leave the erican imperialists never identify any individuals correct of self-determination. Nor will national liberation come across requiring that U.S. imperialists commemorate a a?Bi-Centennial Without territories.a? Imperialism is a world-wide system of plunder and subjugation. It’s the finest phase of capitalism, perhaps not an insurance plan chosen of the bourgeoisie. Imperialism cannot living without territories. It’s parasitic, and thus truly a blood-sucker, drawing the bloodstream around the world’s individuals. And it’s really moribund, combating until its last inhale.

Therefore, imperialism and all sorts of reactionaries needs to be viewed, essentially, from a long-lasting viewpoint, from a strategic point of view, should be observed for what they truly are…paper tigers. With this we ought to build our very own proper thinking. In contrast, they’re also live tigers, iron tigers, real tigers that could use someone. On this subject we ought to build our tactical planning.

The comrades make clear that opposing forces won’t step down from the stage of history naturally agreement. No, for into the epoch of imperialism, the contradiction between your colonies and imperialism is fixed merely by the method of nationwide revolutionary battle.

The liberation of Puerto Rico ought to be attained by the people led by proletariat and its particular vanguard party, a Marxist-Leninist celebration, in equipped battle. These days the specific situation in Puerto Rico is during a revolutionary upsurge a that is the unbiased scenario. In addition, the communist causes must lead the people knowingly against U.S. imperialism.

However there can be nevertheless no party with the proletariat and also the building with this vanguard party continues to be the main chore regarding communists in Puerto Rico

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Putting forward these types of slogans as a?Bi-Centennial Without Coloniesa? will not attempt chore, therefore the motto is in contradiction to Marxism-Leninism. They develops illusions, social-pacifist (socialist in statement, pacifist in deeds) illusions, bourgeois illusions. What’s more, it belittles the role and responsibility associated with communists in Puerto Rico, in addition to belittling the duty of the proletariat with the U.S.

Obligation for the U.S. Proletariat

The responsibility of communists (the advanced detachment associated with working-class) together with proletariat inside the oppressor country is first and foremost understand that no country may be complimentary whether or not it oppresses more regions.

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