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While the war’s avoid, Ty Lee built a robust operating relationship with one other Kyoshi Warriors

While the war’s avoid, Ty Lee built a robust operating relationship with one other Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee and you will Sokka noticed one another again shortly after Ty Lee premiered of jail after the stop of your own Hundred-year War. From the Zuko’s coronation, she featured prior to him, dressed up once the a beneficial Kyoshi Warrior. Sokka accused the woman of antagonistic purposes, but Suki revealed that Ty Lee had inserted the lady team shortly after getting back together with these people throughout their imprisonment. From this point, she got along with reconciled which have Suki, Sokka’s newest partner. [8]

Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee additionally the Kyoshi Warriors was indeed natural opponents in conflict. They basic encountered one another when you look at the a forest where in actuality the fighters had nursed a missing out on Appa back once again to fitness. With her members of the family, Ty Lee defeated the new fighters using chi clogging. She taunted her or him by the saying, “You aren’t prettier than simply our company is!” After the battle, she and her family relations stole some of its clothing, hiding themselves given that allies off Planet Empire so you’re able to penetrate and grab Ba Play Se. [9]

Just after teaming up with Mai and you may betraying Azula adopting the battle, Ty Lee is imprisoned plus the attentive Kyoshi Fighters. When you find yourself together with her, the girls bonded with each other, towards the warriors forgiving Ty Lee on her past strategies. Shortly after she instructed him or her several lessons to the chi clogging, it desired their to become listed on the classification, an offer she happily recognized. [7]

Adopting the war finished, Ty Lee along with her this new class had been released of prison, where she composed with her previous adversary, Suki. Ty Lee turned the only outsider, other than Sokka, to participate the Kyoshi Warriors. She stated within Zuko’s coronation as Fire Lord which they was will be “best friends forever”. [8]

[10] Yet not, to 102 AG, she began to concern their place on the group and you may think out of quitting whilst generated their feel the lady household lifestyle as an element of a matched set, several individuals searching and you can acting a similar. Even after the lady anxiety about dropping this lady personality, Ty Lee noticed that another fighters was in fact like siblings so you’re able to this lady and this sometimes it are best that you feel the assistance of a team. Knowing that even after their parallels, these were in addition to other and that she could take away from the woman make-up occasionally, she stayed toward people, carried on the good thread. [2]


Even after the drastically differing personalities, with Ty Lee declaring an outgoing, friendly characteristics in the place of Mai’s stoic, extremely reserved styles, Mai is Ty Lee’s companion and you can the other way around. Even with partaking in good prank Azula invented so you can embarrass Mai, [12] both maintained an effective friendship, focusing on the strength of the dating. Ty bookofsex Lee from time to time teased Mai for her crush towards Zuko, [4] a relationship she in fact encouraged. You will find dissension among them at specific situations, including when Mai realized that Ty Lee requisite the newest passion regarding 10 boyfriends due to the woman lack of youthfulness attract, an announcement you to definitely harm Ty Lee seriously. [1] No matter, Ty Lee nevertheless displayed great respect in order to Mai. When Mai betrayed Azula and you may spared Zuko within Boiling hot Rock, the fresh new Flame Nation little princess requested this lady things about the lady methods and you will prepared to duel Mai. Feeling the woman pal was a student in threat, Ty Lee unhesitatingly went on so you can cut off Azula’s chi so you’re able to cut Mai, by herself betraying the little princess to help you just who she got in past times found enormous determination. The two girls had been imprisoned for the Azula’s instructions [7] however, was indeed put out pursuing the prevent of your own conflict. [8]

Following Hundred year War’s end, [8] Ty Lee and Mai handled a robust friendship, even after not-being along with her all that have a tendency to. Therefore, Ty Lee and Kyoshi Warriors easily oriented Mai’s consult to help you cover Zuko’s shelter pursuing the several risks produced against their lifetime [13] and you will was accepted of the Mai so you can kiss the girl.

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