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Riza seems the newest personification of “difficult love,” requiring perfection from those she areas or considers very important

Riza seems the newest personification of “difficult love,” requiring perfection from those she areas or considers very important


  • step one Physical appearance
  • dos Identification
  • 3 Abilities
  • cuatro Relationship
  • 4.1 Roy Mustang
  • 4.2 Black colored Hayate
  • 4.step 3 Rebecca Catalina
  • cuatro.4 Berthold Hawkeye
  • 5 Etymology


Riza is a pale-skinned girl within her mid-to-later 20s that have middle-right back size blonde hair that is fastened upwards regarding the back from the a dark colored-coloured video barrette within the a design where they resembles an effective bird tail having fucks dropping when you look at the good hawk’s wing pattern from right to help you left, sometimes partially obscuring the lady leftover attention (whenever she actually is hands on). The lady attention try brownish each of the woman ears is pierced that have a gold stud. This woman is recognized to don fake cups while in disguise.

She appear to wears a black colored, short-sleeved turtleneck significantly less than the girl armed forces uniform and frequently would wear it inside everyday skirt as well. Though Riza features indexed (within the Perfect Manual 2) you to definitely dresses limitation path and are maybe not greeting inside the a army workplace, during civilian attire, she is mostly seen with in long dresses and you will shoes that have the girl tresses off.

She had worn this lady tresses brief inside her teens and you may during the woman tenure during the Ishval, she first started letting it build out in 1910 shortly escort reviews Ann Arbor after she gets acquainted Winry Rockbell.

About manga and 2009 cartoon, Riza have a massive and you can elaborate tat which covers extremely her back with some elements of they obscured of the burn off scars one she hides.

She’s got a moderately muscle and you may curvaceous create in which the copywriter states that Riza features wider arms out of the lady armed forces education and flared hips that will be right for the lady age.


Riza is a peaceful and gathered girl with a life threatening but courteous demeanor. This woman is seen from the her colleagues given that make of an effective prime soldier; purely disciplined and incredibly rational, she hardly calms whenever practical and that’s constantly tasked with staying the girl acquaintances on course. Even if about additional she may appear strict, strict, and even a small suggest, Riza is not as cold and you may faraway given that she may appear. Those individuals next to their be aware that there can be a great deal more to this lady than simply their zero-nonsense thinking; underneath the woman elite group disposition are a kind soul exactly who understands the fresh complications off carrying much load.

Riza’s mellow front side makes by itself understood compliment of her interactions that have younger letters, such as the Elric brothers and Winry Rockbell, and it is not unusual to see this lady acting sweetly with the Black colored Hayate (Riza’s pet Shiba Inu canine), whilst in personal. With the a lot more informal hours, for example whenever she uses a single day that have Rebecca, Riza and additionally shows hints from a dry, acerbic sense of humor. Very disciplined, she takes their performs undoubtedly which can be rarely viewed “losing formalities,” even with people that are very sexual so you can their. She’s perhaps not prone to public screens of passion, preferring showing the woman emotions through a lot more discreet means. Their interactions having Hayate is visible as good metaphor for every one of the woman high individual relationship-a harsh give and you may requiring character tempered with genuine and you can strong passion.

It can be inferred one Riza plus altered across the decades; in her kids, she did actually was alternatively bashful and you will idealistic regarding the business at-large. Broadening upwards at the their father’s household, she most likely knowledgeable a protected brand of youth. Immediately following signing up for the new armed forces, the lady enjoy inside Ishval forgotten the girl youthful idealism and you can turned this lady to the almost stoic Lieutenant Hawkeye. She emerges from the combat having a significant tend to, sufficiently strong so you can neck the fresh heavy shame she willingly bears, and you may spends this inspiration to stand next to and you will assistance Mustang from inside the the latest expectations that future generations will stay free of this new horrors from something like Ishval. Reticent, she does not chat needlessly otherwise show this lady thoughts tend to because of terminology, however, suggests most of the lady view because of nonverbal correspondence, which have signature evident appears and rare, slight smiles.

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