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Dictionary definition, Asterisk style

Geek Brain Leave Comment 22 March 2014 AsteriskCisco 7975dictionaryPBXyoutube

Voice Search Dictionary

Voice Search Dictionary: How often do you have time to go find a dictionary? I know, I know thats what Google is for. Well I have this personality flaw. I don't want to open another tab in my browser. Hey my phone is available. Anyone saying the world is to much "I want it now", You're right I agree! Yet, I still have this insatiable need to figure out how things work, and or, make things work. For anyone wanting to know the back-and of this thing, it's like this. This voice is recorded and sent to a program on the phone system that coverts voice to text. That text is sent to a server at Google that searches for the definition of the text. Ounce the server gets a response the text is sent back to the phone system and converted to speech. Simple enough?
Nathan Lewis

Voice Command Weather

Geek Brain Leave Comment 22 March 2014

Wonder what the weather is like where I'm going?

Yet another tricky thing to do with the PBX phone system. And yes, I agree why this when you have cell phones, google etc. Well, those of you that know me......I leave you with that. Check out the video.
Nathan Lewis