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Isymphony is a easy-to-use Java-based PBX management software. Being Java based allows for cross platform support. Isymphony has a very intuitive customizable layout. Apple, Windows, and Linux easiy run the full feature list.

Isymphony allows users to drag and drop phone calls to other extenstions, voicemail and hold ques. See video below for voicemail management feature.

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Voicemail on the PBX offers many options. Having your voicemails sent to your email box as an attachment. This option can be set as MP3 or wav. In addition to this a text transcription of the voicemail and the phone number can be included. When receieving the email on your mobile phone, the phone number can be returned by just pressing the phone number. Voicemail forwarding and blasting is easy from the voicemail menu. This can be done on the desktop through Isymphony. Individuals can setup two diffrent out going messages to fit there presence status.


Cisco 7975 Cisco 7975 Aastra 6731i

With the PBX the amount of phones or extensions you have is limited by your hardware resources not licensing. Take your pick of multiple manufactures. Any manufacturer handset running the SIP protocol will smoothly integrate with the core options available in the system. This means your busines is not stuck with everyone having the same model, manufacturer or feature set. Click here for a list of handsets and additional features


Paging horn Paging Speaker Paging Analog Adpter

We install and support exsisting and new paging systems. We can integrate them into your phone system in any configuration needed. The PBX allows for paging across all handsets and speakers. Paging groups can be configured to your business needs.

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We are back FINALLY!!! enjoy updates to come!!!    

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