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Lewis Technologies was founded in 2001. Founder and owner Nathan Lewis opened Lewis Technologies after working for other companies and seeing a need in the IT industry, to eliminate the middleman when responding to IT needs, and shortening the response time allowing for more efficient business production. This also allows for equitable pricing for services, because the services and support are supplied direct.


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The cornerstone of any communications hub is the phone system. The IP PBX is the most scalable, stable, feature rich platform available. One advantage is the ability to pick and choose your phones and other SIP capable devises from multiple manufactures. IP PBX also allows for the convergence of all dial-tone services. (PRI, VOIP, PSTN) IP PBX also has the beginings of unified messaging with fax capabilities as well as voice dictation of voicemails and voicemails sent to email as attachments.

Lewis Technologies masters the integration process with setting up your tapi compliant software to integrate with the PBX. This gives the user the ability to dial the system from their database of contacts. Examples of which would be: Sage CRM Microsoft CRM, Outlook, and supported web browsers.

Multiple locations can be tied together with 1 or multiple PBXs, allowing administration of all from one location. In a multiple location scenario, organization wide call management becomes easy. Long distance calls routing, in a multi area code installtion can save your business money on long distance. Ask us how to start saving you money on your phone bill.

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  • IP PBX Isymphony Isymphony is a easy-to-use Java-based PBX management software. Being Java based allows for cross platform...